Holistic, creative, experimental and effective.

It works differently with us.

With our interventions you will sense the field, design new solutions, prototype and learn, change habits and let your brighter future emerge and get crystallized.

You will be re-balanced. Promised. Try it.

Sense and 

We co-create the space to sense in your present situation: What do you want to realize? What is giving you energy? What is holding you back? What is your intention?

We engage you to listen to the people you are working with by interviews, case labs, sensing journeys and system mapping. 

Design and Prototyp

We facilitate and energize your workshops to inspire, ideate and design new solutions. What is desirable for the humans? What is viable for the business? And what are feasible technologies? 

We start the journey by framing the challenge, get inspired through research in the field and synthesize themes and insights. And then it's all about lean prototyping in the real world...

Learn and 

We boost your professional development by intense reflection sessions. What is your purpose? How do you show-up? What is your vision?  How do you pay attention to what has meaning? Are you open for impact? 

We emphasize on dialogue and appreciation. The sessions reconnect spirit, mind, heart and body by using conceptual inputs next to genuine contact tools, body sensations, movements and meditations. Through coaching circles we will go deeper to raise a new awareness. 

Change and

We promote change and transformation of the organization. How to utilize talent and potential? How to adjust structures to the requirements of the individual? How could processes create more value?

We work with systemic and agil approaches to co-create a collaborative, creative, and meaningful work environment.