Holistic, creative, experimental and effective.

Conscious change is different. Deliberate. Holistic.

Well-considered interventions aim at holistically designed change processes.
They strengthen systemic leadership capacities and enable the design of creative and experimental spaces.

You are being rebalanced. Promised.

Sense and 

I co-create a space to sense your present situation: What are your current challenges? What do you sense in your ecosystem? How would others assess your situation? What gives you energy? What is holding you back? Which future do you want to shape? What is your intention and vision?

I promote the conscious perception of yourself in your ecosystem from different perspectives. Through interviews, case studies, 3D mapping or learning trips, you can capture and organize your system from new perspectives.

Design and 

I energize your workshops to design new solutions. What is viable for your customers? What is profitable for the company? And what are feasible technologies?

The journey begins by framing the challenge, get inspired through research in the ecosystem and synthesize themes and insights. And then it's all about testing lean prototypes, to get customer feedback in the real world.

Learn and 

I boost your professional development through intensive reflection sessions. What is the purpose? How does leadership show itself? What is the vision? How does a mindful management come about? And is there openness to impact?

I emphasize dialogue and appreciation between participants. Head, heart and body are connected by conceptual contributions, genuine exchange, body movements and meditations. Targeted imparting of methodical knowledge or coaching circles can help to perceive new perspectives.

Change and

I support extensive processes for the conscious change and transformation of people and organizations. How can talents and potentials be better utilized? How can structures be adapted to the needs of customers? How can processes create more value?

I work with systemic and agile approaches to create a collaborative, creative and meaningful work environment. Especially Theory U, Genuine Contact as well as Design Thinking are leading my work. I combine these with methods and tools of cooperation and project management, impact orientation and measurement as well as various moderation techniques.